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Home Watch

Even When You're away, Simply Clean has got Your Back!

This service entails:

Home Exterior
- Pick up any mail or packages

- Do an external walk around the home, checking doors, screens and windows

- Checking for signs of vandalism

- Check and dispose of any garbage

Home Interior

- Check alarm system

- Walk through of the inside of home, checking all doors and windows are secure

- Running all faucets and showers 

- Flushing all toilets

- Check A/C to ensure it is set to correct temperatures 

- Check for any signs of insect intrusion 

- Light dusting and cleaning to keep your home fresh while you're away

-Help with any hurricane prep if home owner is away

- Allow entry for any planned service-men per homeowner request


Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your home is safe, secure, and well maintained while you're away. We provide regular inspections and cleaning maintenance to give you a peace of mind and help you protect your investment while you're away.

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