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Airbnb/Vacation Rentals 

Let us get you that "5 star" rating on the cleanliness of your units

This service entails:

- All linens washed, dried, folded and put away

- All light fixtures and fans

- Cobwebs keep up

- Doors and base boards

- Blinds and Window Sills

- Outside of all cabinets & vanities

- Checking inside of cabinets and vanities

- Outside and inside of all kitchen appliances

- All Countertops and surfaces 

- Complete Bathroom scrub and sanitizing 

- Furniture and home items dusting and wipe down with appropriate cleaner

- Sliding glass doors and tracks 

- Patio dusting and vacuum 

- Grill cleaning as needed 

-Checking all closets and cabinets for neatness 



Now is the time to let our team take care of all your cleaning and organizing needs for your Airbnb or Vacation home. Being a host is a lot of work, and our cleaners can help you and your guests enjoy the experience.

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